CURRENT LEGAL ISSUE FACING the northwest corner:

As of August 2016, The LRCC has been represented in its litigation by timothy Hollister of the Hartford Law firm of Shipman & Goodwin. To date, the LRCC has raised and expended over $300,000 to continue the fight to preserve our Northwest Corner towns.

At this point, as of June 2019, the case has reached the Connecticut Supreme Court. Briefs of the opposing parties have been filed and the case now awaits oral arguments before the court and, in time, the court’s decision.

It will be some months before that decision is reached, perhaps not until into 2020. However, in the meanwhile legal costs to the LRCC will continue to mount as Mr. Hollister prepares to and does argue the case. A committee of the LRCC, spearheaded by Jocelyn Cohen, has worked without rest to raise the funds already expended and to continue this effort to ensure the highest level of representation before the Connecticut Supreme Court. This and nothing less is needed to obtain a decision which upholds the status quo and preserves the peace, quiet and rural character of the Northwest Corner.