It hardly needs to be said , the Track is noisy!! For instance on Fridays, Porsche days, the echo can be heard for miles. On an overcast day, the noise bounces even farther, and this is a muffled event! The Track seeks not only racing on Sundays but they want four day unmuffled events, which would run Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Such big events with even bigger engine cars would give residents no break from the noise as the significant impact would be heard for many, many miles. In addition , the large 18 wheeled trucks maneuvering on our country roads is dangerous to pedestrians and oncoming traffic. With the proposed expansion, there would be many more of these trucks on the roads. It should also be noted, that spectator traffic can back up the road for miles. And once the race lets out, many spectators practice their speed skills on our country roads.(So noted by the State Police).

Traffic impact map

Map of roads affected by increase in race track traffic.